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People in the community used to look at me and say “look at the crazy women!”. Nobody calls me crazy anymore. I am normal, just like other people.

Meet Godevela

 Godevela Mukamusoni is a mother of six, living with her husband and children in the Ruharo village of Rwanda. When her symptoms first started, she was taken to Kinoni health center where she was provided medication for schizophrenia. After some time, her symptoms returned and she was taken to a nearby hospital. Godevela’s family did not find the visit to this helpful and she was moved to Butaro Hospital, supported by Inshuti Mu Buzima/Partners In Health Rwanda. At Butaro Hospital, Godevela was provided medication for her condition along with support from medical professionals.

What Godevela’s story teaches us

Godevela and her family face financial difficulties such as not being able to afford basic necessities such as food, transportation and her medications. In order to purchase her medications, the family was forced to sell two of their lands, and still struggled financially in the months that followed. Without being able to afford medications, Godevela’s symptoms to return. Inshuti Mu Buzima supported the family by providing assistance through community-based health insurance payments for Godevela’s medications and by building a home for the family so they had somewhere safer to live.

As a result of financial challenges, many families like Godevelas’ are forced to sell their land, animals, and only other sources of income to afford transportation and access to medical care, further perpetuating the family into extreme poverty.

As a community health worker (CHW), Musabyemariya Gilberte works with families with mental health conditions in her community. She’s responsible for supporting over 30 individuals in the community, including Godevela, ensuring that they take their medications on time and assisting them to medical appointments. An established CHW program in Rwanda has allowed families in the community to receive support from trained professionals like Musabyemariya. People feel safe knowing they can come to her and she would be able to assist them in helping to seek treatment at the hospitals. Thanks to her family and CHWs like Musabyemariya, Godevela is better able to manage her condition.