Synergies advisors in Rwanda, Kenya to support NCD planning

Author: Nancy Ferguson, NCD Synergies
November 14, 2014

NCD Synergies is thrilled to introduce Paolo Reggio D’Aci and Dr. Jutta Jorgensen, who have joined the NCD Synergies project team as Senior Management Consultants to be seconded to the Rwanda Ministry of Health and Kenya Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, respectively.


Paolo D’Aci

Jutta Jorgensen

Juttta Jorgensen

Paolo has supported the Ministry of Health in Rwanda in planning, costing, and budget negotiation related to national strategic planning in the health sector, HIV, TB, and NCDs. His current work extends the relationship with MOH Rwanda, focusing on national planning for NCDs and injuries.

Jutta has expertise and experience in clinical medicine, epidemiological research and health sector strategic planning within an African environment that will inform her support for the NCD unit in the MOHSW of Kenya.

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