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NCDs in Bangladesh Report

“The NCD epidemic has a huge direct impact on financial vulnerability, particularly for the poor, and an indirect impact on the economy. Policy makers should consider both these factors when formulating NCD-related policies, aided by considering the social determinants of NCDs as they play an important role in health, and dramatic differences are closely linked to the degree of social disadvantage and poverty within countries.”

Published by the World Bank in 2013, this report discusses health system and policy options for addressing the noncommunicable disease burden in Bangladesh. In addition to a comprehensive review of regional context, burden of disease, and risk factors for NCDs, authors of the report assess NCD and health system capacity at the national level, across health service delivery, human resources for health, information systems, pharmaceuticals, financing, and governance. The report also gives an overview of how NCD activities currently fit within the public sector in Bangladesh, and proposes policy options and strategic priorities given the challenges present across the health sector.

Policy options center around stewardship and regulatory policies, population-based policies for the health sector and non-health sector, and clinical interventions for the prevention and treatment of NCDs.

The report was targeted towards policy makers in Bangladesh, but has relevance for professionals working in the development sector and partners, as well as ministries of health in other low-income countries with large rural populations.

Sections in the report include:

  • Overview
  • Chapter 1: Contexts and Transitions
  • Chapter 2: Burden of Disease and Risk Factors for NCDs
  • Chapter 3: Health System and NCD Capacity Assessment
  • Chapter 4: National NCD Activities and Challenges
  • Chapter 5: Key Policy Options and Strategic Priorities

The report also includes the following Appendices:

  1. Leading causes of mortality and disability-adjusted life years and risk factors for Bangladesh, 2010 estimates
  2. NCD treatment, research, and training institutions in Bangladesh
  3. Assessment of the program management cycle