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ISPAD / IDF Life For A Child Pocketbook

“For many children in some countries, there is limited access to insulin, blood glucose monitoring, expert medical care, and diabetes education. This may be due to unaffordability, or the expert care may simply not be available in the area. The consequences of this is profound.”

In 2011, the International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Life for a Child Program and International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD) developed global guidelines for diabetes in childhood and adolescence. In 2013, building off these efforts and the ISPAD / Novo Nordisk training manual for health care professionals, ISPAD and IDF prepared a shortened version of these guidelines — the “Pocketbook for Management of Diabetes in Childhood and Adolescence in Under-resourced Countries” — to be of more practical use in delivering care in emergency facilities and clinics.

According to IDF and ISPAD:

These guidelines have been developed taking into account resource- and cost-related issues affecting care for children and youth with diabetes in developing countries. Healthcare funding and available expertise vary from country to country and often also within a particular country, and it is therefore challenging to write a broad document to meet all needs. The information in these guidelines is aimed to assist health care professionals in developing countries to optimize the clinical practice they are able to give in their particular center. In many cases, subsequent referral to a center with greater expertise is appropriate.”

The Pocketbook includes sections on definition and diagnosis, management of diabetic ketoacidosis, insulin treatment, hypoglycemia, sick day management, blood glucose monitoring, nutritional management, physical activity, diabetes education, ongoing care and management of complications, psychological care, diabetes and adolescence, diabetes and school, diabetes and pregnancy, and other types of diabetes in children.

Authors who contributed to the Pocketbook or were involved in preceding ISPAD / IDF / Novo Nordisk collaborations include:

  • Graham Ogle – IDF Life for a Child
  • Angela Middlehurst – IDF Life for a Child
  • Martin Silink – University of Sydney, IDF Life for a Child
  • Ragnar Hanas – Uddevalla Hospital, NU Hospital Group
  • Kim C. Donaghue – University of Sydney
  • Georgeanna Klingensmith – University of Colorado, The Barbara Davis Center
  • Peter GF Swift – Leicester Children’s Hospital / Royal Infirmary
  • Stephen Colaguiri – Sydney Medical School, Boden Institute
  • Stuart J Brink – University School of Medicine, New England Diabetes & Endocrinology Center (NEDEC)
  • Warren Lee Wei Rhen – Pediatrics Growth & Diabetes Centre
  • Kubendran Pillay – Westville Hospital
  • Line Kleinebreil – Fondation Education et Techerche pour L’Enseignement aux Malades Chroniques
  • Geoffrey R Ambler – University of Sydney, Sydney Children’s Hospital Network
  • Fergus J Cameron – Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Royal Children’s Hospital

The Pocketbook was prepared with financial support from the Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust.