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New Tech Needs for NCDs | R4D

“With notable exceptions, much of the attention on NCDs to date has focused on funding, access to medicines, and health systems strengthening, with less emphasis on R&D on new health technologies. The implicit assumption is that the medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and delivery technologies used to address NCDs in high-income countries can be readily applied to LMICs, or that, where new tools are needed, demand from rich countries will drive development […] Upon closer examination, however, one finds notable examples of new products playing roles in reducing the global burden of NCDs.”

In 2012, the Center for Global Health R&D Policy Assessment at the Results for Development Institute (R4D) published a landscaping study focused on “New Technology Needs for Noncommunicable Diseases in Developing Countries.”

In response to the lack of focus on new product R&D at the 2011 United Nations High-Level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases, the authors of this report sought out to answer the following questions:

  • Are preventative and treatment measures for NCDs enough to achieve significant gains in NCD prevention and control?
  • Should new product development for NCDs be a high priority for countries, advocates, and donors?
  • What are the barriers low and middle-income countries (LMICs) in identifying opportunities for new product development targeted at preventing and treating NCDs in low resource settings?