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Training Manual - Changing Diabetes in Children / ISPAD

“Diabetes is a killer disease in many parts of the world, especially when it strikes in childhood or adolescence. This is because of its relative rarity, so that parents and family members do no recognize its subtle beginning symptoms […] Similarly, healthcare workers at all levels of sophistication, from triage workers to emergency room physicians, fail to ask questions about diabetes in developing countries where problems such as AIDS, malaria, pneumonia, sepsis, or overwhelming gastrointestinal infection occur more commonly.”

In collaboration with the International Society for Pediatric and Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD), Novo Nordisk has developed a training manual specific to the diagnosis, treatment, and organization of diabetes care for children in developing countries.

This manual was developed by Novo Nordisk’s Changing Diabetes in Children program and was produced “with the hope that it will bring some basic knowledge to many parts of the world about pediatric and adolescent diabetes, insulin, diabetic ketoacidosis and hypogyclemia emergencies.

The manual is broken into the following sections:

  1. Diagnosing Diabetes in Children – suspecting and confirming the diagnosis
  2. Treating Diabetes – emergency and surgical care, routine care, chronic care plan
  3. Talking to Patients about Diabetes – learning to cope with diabetes, diabetes and the growing child
  4. Organization of Diabetes Care – clinical organization, stakeholders
  5. Annexes / Resources / Glossary

The manual is available in English and French.