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Cost of trauma | Africa Trade | Issue 6

“Given that the younger and more productive members of society are most afflicted by trauma, the indirect costs of absence from the workplace, social support for disabilities, the inability to support a family and a general loss of productivity, are most significant. Unfortunately, road traffic injuries have been given low priority on global health agendas despite excellent evidence that the implementation of multidisciplinary approaches with improved injury prevention interventions and post-crash care can successfully address the burden of injury.”

Published by Africa Trade, this article investigates the economic impact of road traffic injuries in sub-Saharan Africa. The authors, including investigators with The Centre for Global Surgery at McGill University in Montreal and the University of Rwanda, discuss the current burden of trauma in Africa, economic estimates of the direct and indirect costs of road traffic injuries, and successful programs to address injury prevention and build capacity building in acute and emerging care in low-income countries.

A dropbox link to the published article with graphics is available above, the text only version of the article is also available.