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Country Level Decision Making for NCDs | Institute of Medicine (IOM)

“The lack of resources and capacity across all aspects of the systems and areas of expertise required to manage chronic disease complicate efforts to advocate for these policies and programs. […] ‘We need to identify gaps and data needs, [Stephen Jan] said, ‘but also to identify the tradeoffs between quality and pragmatism.'”

This report was a result of a high-level workshop on country-level planning for cardiovascular disease and related chronic diseases, hosted by the Institute of Medicine in July 2011. The report compiles case studies from six countries, Grenada, Kenya, Bangladesh, Rwanda, India, and Chile, to discuss needs and lessons learned in planning, data availability, costing, priority setting, and country-level action. The workshop summary of proceedings was compiled by Alexandra Beatty, Rapporteur, on behalf of the Board on Global Health at the Institute of Medicine. The report also provides examples of various tools used by countries in low and middle-income countries and summarizes the process and key considerations for ministries undertaking country-led decision making for chronic diseases. The report was published by the National Academies Press (Washington, DC) in April 2012.

The planning committee for the “Workshop on Defining Country-Level Resource Needs for Cardiovascular Disease and Related Chronic Diseases” included:

  • Rachel Nugent, Chair, University of Washington
  • Kalipso Chalkidou, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, United Kingdom
  • Valentin Fuster, Mount Sinai Heart
  • Stephen Jan, George Institute for Global Health
  • Peter Lamptey, FHI360
  • Derek Yach, Vitality Group (formerly PepsiCo)

The workshop summary report was independently reviewed by the National Research Council’s Report Review Committee:

  • Amanda Glassman, Center for Global Development
  • Paul Holmes, USAID
  • J. Jaime Miranda, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, Peru
  • Rachel Nugent and Theo Vos, University of Washington