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2011 Boston Statement on NCDs in the Poorest Billion 381 KB

“We call on all UN member state Heads of Government and Heads of State to unite at the September 2011 UN Summit on NCDs and take urgent action to address the millions of premature deaths and widespread suffering caused by NCDs among the world’s billion poorest people.”

The Boston Statement on Noncommunicable Diseases of the Poorest Billion People was written and signed by participants of the Harvard conference hosted by Harvard Medical School in March 2011, entitled “The Long Tail of Global Health Equity: Tackling the Endemic NCDs of the Bottom Billion.” The statement is addressed to policy makers and member states who were represented at the historic UN Summit meeting on NCDs held in September 2011.

The statement affirms the problem NCDs and injuries pose globally and the challenges specific to NCDs in the poorest billion people. The statement calls for governments and stakeholders to address NCD disease risks related to poverty, commit to strengthening health systems, and link communicable and noncommunicable diseases through integrated approaches for prevention, diagnosis, treatment, survivorship, and palliation.

Signatories of the statement unanimously agree to: “take measures to prevent NCDs and improve the quality of life of people currently living with NCDs, particularly among the poorest billion.”