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Addressing Gaps in NCD Policy & Research

“There has been growing awareness in the global health community of NCDs as primary threats to individuals, communities, and health system infrastructures and economic development […] Policy makers need to decide how best to incorporate NCD responses into existing funding streams and programs. We need recommendations for action that are sustainable in the current political and economic landscape.”

“Addressing the Gaps in Global Policy and Research for Noncommunicable Diseases” is a collection of policy briefs prepared by members of the NCD Working Group, convened by Johns Hopkins Institute for Applied Economics, Global Health and the Study of Business Enterprise. The synthesis report has been edited by Louis Galambos (Johns Hopkins) and Jeffrey Sturchio (Rabin Martin).

Contributors to the synthesis report include:

  • Louis Galambos and Jeffrey Sturchio – “Introduction”
  • Brian White-Guay – “Regulation of medicines in low and middle-income countries: current challenges and future prospects”
  • Lisa Smith and Prashant Yadav – “Improving access to medicines for noncommunicable diseases through better supply chains”
  • Soeren Mattke – “Learning from the HIV/AIDS experience to improve NCD interventions”
  • Margaret Kruk, Felicia M. Knaul, and Gustavo Nigenda – “Reconfiguring primary care for the era of chronic and noncommunicable diseases”
  • Sir George Alleyne and Sania Nishtar – “Sectoral cooperation for the prevention and control of noncommunicable diseases”

Affiliations of the NCD Working Group and contributing authors include: Johns Hopkins, University of Montreal, University of Michigan, RAND Corporation, Columbia University, Harvard Medical School, Harvard Global Equity Initiative, GTF.CCC, PAHO, WHO, Heartfile, Tokyo University, and Rabin Martin.