Target setting, metrics for NCDs focus of Kenya meeting

Author: Nancy Ferguson, NCD Synergies
June 14, 2015

NCDs are real.
NCDs are in Africa.
NCDs are in Kenya.
– Dr. Joyce Nato, WHO, opening remarks at 29 May meeting Choosing Targets to Address the Burden of NCDs and Injuries in Kenya: Incorporating an Equity Perspective

Maia Olsen / Partners In Health
Dr. Joseph Kibachio presents on the burden of NCDs and injuries in Kenya from an equity perspective at the May 29 meeting in Nairobi.

On May 29, 2015, the Kenya Ministry of Health and NCD Synergies gathered nearly 50 stakeholders for a meeting on improved target setting and metrics for NCDs and injuries in Kenya. Led by Dr. Joseph Kibachio (NCD division, Kenya MOH), the meeting featured presentations and panels from diverse perspectives over three distinct sessions.

Session 1, “The Kenyan Context,” was facilitated by Zachary Ngewa of the NCD Division and included:

Nancy Ferguson / Partners In Health
The panelists from Session 1, “The Kenyan Context,” answer questions from attendees at the May 29 meeting in Nairobi.

  • Kenya Burden of Disease Review (audio, 34:25), Dr. Joseph Kibachio (Division of NCDs, MoH)
  • Data Sources – HMIS structure and function, capacity assessment and service readiness, Vital Registration (PDF, 349 kb; Slides/audio, 28:51), Dr. Martha Muthami (Division of Health Management and Informatics, MoH)
  • Disaggregated Burden of Disease analysis from the Kisumu DHS Site (PDF, 1.1 MB; Slides/audio, 15:03), Dr. Frank Odhiambo (CDC/KEMRI)
  • Panel Discussion (audio, 58:11), Dr. Tom Achoki (IHME, Director of African Initiative), Dr. Albert Karagu Maina (DNCD, MoH), Gregory Kabadi (NCD synergies / MoH Tanzania), Dr. Elizabeth Ogaja (Minister of Health, Kisumu County Government)

Maia Olsen / Partners In Health
Attendees of the May 29 meeting chat over lunch between sessions at the Fairview Hotel in Nairobi.

Session 2, “East African perspectives on target setting for NCDs and Injuries” was facilitated by Dr. Gladwell Gathecha of the NCD Division, and included:

  • Rwanda’s experience with target setting (80x40x20) (PDF, 197 kbSlides/audio, 11:03), Paolo Reggio d’Aci (PIH/NCD Synergies, Rwanda)
  • Targets and indicators for acute care in the context of monitoring UHC for NCDs and injuries (PDF, 1.4 MB; Slides/audio, 12:42), Dr. Benjamin Wajira (AKUH/AFEM)
  • Panel Discussion and Plenary (audio, 53:02), led by Dr. Martien Burgdorff (CDC Western Kenya) and Dr. Gene Bukhman (NCD Synergies/PIH and Harvard Medical School), with participation from the full group of attendees.

Session 3 was five parallel working groups focused on the process for NCD and injury target setting in Kenya.

Following an engaged and enthusiastic meeting, the attendees agreed to form a smaller working group to look more closely at specific targets and metrics over the next several months and report back to the full group. The meeting report (Meeting Report and Outcome, 121 kb) illustrates the deep commitment of the Kenyan NCD community to finding a pathway to better metrics and data that will enable them to reach the poorest Kenyans faced with NCDs and injuries. The first meeting of the working group is in mid-July 2015.