Liberia NCDI Poverty Commission report launch and World Diabetes Day – a shared celebration

Author: Amy McLaughlin, NCD Synergies
November 14, 2018

On Wednesday November 14, 2018 the Liberia NCDI Poverty Commission launched their report at a World Diabetes Day event at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in Monrovia.

Partners In Health Liberia
Representatives of the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, PIH Liberia and NCD Synergies gather at the Liberia NCDI Poverty Commission Report Launch held on World Diabetes Day, 2018.

The event commenced with a public parade from a local stadium to the MOHSW. Over 150 people were in attendance including partners from WHO, Lions Club, Patient advocates, civil society organizations, hospital clinicians, private sector companies and local media as well as key leadership from the Ministry of Health, including Honorable Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah.

The launch was opened by the Assistant Minister of Preventive Services, Mrs. Joyce Sherman, with report findings shared by Dr. Fred Amegashie – co-chair of the Liberia NCDI Poverty Commission and NCD Director at MOHSW presented the key findings of the report to those in attendance. In addition, remarks were made by Dr. Patrick Ulysse, Executive Director of Partners In Health Liberia, Dr. Gene Bukhman, NCD Synergies Director and Global Lancet NCDI Poverty Commission Co-Chair, Dr. Neil Gupta, NCD Synergies Policy Director and Dr. Mesfin Zeblo, WHO Country Representative for Liberia.

PIH Liberia
The PIH Liberia team and representatives from the Liberia NCDI Poverty Commission with Dr. Fred Amegashie, Co-Chair of the Liberia NCDI Poverty Commission and Director of NCDs for the MOHSW, and Mrs. Joyce Sherman, Assistant Minister of Preventive Services.

The full findings of these analyses, along with an extensive set of national recommendations for service prioritization can be found in the Liberia Commission Report. The Report is available to download here

World Diabetes Day Celebration – Harper, Maryland County, Liberia

On the morning of World Diabetes Day, the PIH NCD team in Liberia led a parade from the PIH office in Harper to JJ Dossen Hospital led by NCD Physician Assistant Cyrus Randolph and 35 community health workers. On the way, Cyrus and his team held a short educational performance in the marketplace. Once they arrived at JJ Dossen, the group also held a short presentation for staff and patients at the hospital.

Simultaneously, the PIH NCD team co-hosted a diabetes-screening campaign with Tubman University, one of two public universities in Liberia. Along with the nursing and public health programs, the group gave presentations on diabetes to raise awareness among students, shared fliers among participants, and participated in a promotional program over the TU radio station.

Solidarity on World Diabetes Day

On November 14, 2018, we stand alongside the rest of the global health community in acknowledging World Diabetes Day. In communities living in and affected by extreme poverty, type 1 diabetes, in particular, is a significant part of the burden of severe, complex NCDs that many of our youngest patients — such as Sheila Chipenge and Aldophmy Joseph from rural Malawi and Haiti — and their families face.

On World Diabetes Day, we celebrate our colleagues, peers, and friends who live with, treat, and manage these conditions across Partners In Health sites, and recommit our work in the pursuit of universal access to care for diabetes inclusive of the world’s poorest.

Partners In Health, through the NCD Synergies program and a collaboration with the Program on Global NCDs and Social Change at Harvard Medical School and the Division of Global Health Equity at Brigham & Women’s Hospital, has been working on an innovative strategy to expand type 1 diabetes care in constrained health systems across Rwanda, Malawi, Liberia, and Haiti. NCD teams in these countries are working within their communities to raise awareness and expand access to care for severe NCDs such as type 1 diabetes across an integrated NCD platform.