BUTARO, RWANDA - SEPTEMBER 14, 2016: Parents wait with their children on the pediatric ward at Butaro District Hospital, facing the oncology section.

Establishing national clinical guidelines early in the implementation process of an NCD program will provide clarity and strategy surrounding the identification and prioritization of health care delivery gaps.

Tools for clinical guideline development

As described in the NCD District-level Implementation Process Measures (IPM) tool, the early establishment of national clinical protocols is of great value.  This document will then directly inform many facets of the implementation plan, including human resources, training, essential medicines and equipment, mentorship, and monitoring and evaluation.

Several NCD clinical guidelines are readily available through the WHO and other resources and can provide a great starting point to establishing national clinical guidelines.  Below is a presentation describing the process for establishing national clinical guidelines.

An example national NCD clinical guideline from the Rwandan Ministry of Health is below.  This document was produced with the support of Inshuti Mu Buzima, Partners In Health’s sister site in Rwanda.

Download all clinical guideline development tools