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Cookstoves Entrepreneur Training Handbook

“The Alliance is committed to supporting its partners in reaching the goal of 100 million households adopting clean and efficient cookstoves and fuels by 2020. The Alliance and its partners recognize the contributions that women make in achieving the sector’s health, environment, women’s empowerment, and livelihood goals. Without engaging women throughout the value chain, it is likely that global efforts will be less effective and scale less rapidly.”

Released by the The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves in March 2015, the Empowered Entrepreneur Training Handbook is designed to “empower women to scale adoption of clean cooking solutions globally.” The manual provides a 6 day training curricula targeted at women micro-entrepreneurs, small enterprise owners, and sales agents who work in the energy sector in low-income countries, as well as relevant tools to use by these teams. Household air pollution is currently a critical issue, especially among women and the very poor, and can result in increased risk of many NCDs and injuries, such as chronic respiratory diseases, lung cancer, heart disease, and burns.

The Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves works with many partners to “address the market barriers that currently impede the production, deployment, and use of clean cookstoves and fuels in developing countries.”

The Training Handbook includes the following sections:

  • Introduction – Background, purpose, how to use the handbook, limitations, core competency roadmap
  • Part I: Human Centered Design (HCD) Plan 
  • Part II: Empowered Entrepreneur Training Activities – training introductory session, sections on business, empowerment, and leadership, monitoring and patient support, glossary

The Training Handbook also includes brief findings from research studies in low-income countries, including the:

  • Kenya Cookstoves Study
  • Bolivia Women as Agents of Change Pilot Project
  • Nigeria Women’s Cookstove Entrepreneurs Program (ongoing)