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Financing for Global Road Safety Report

“There is certainly a compelling case for significantly increasing development assistance for health (DAH) for [the] neglected epidemic of road traffic injury. However, in order to secure health funding, the road safety community needs to do a better job of explaining the impact of road traffic injuries and the costs of trauma care on the health sector in developing countries, and needs to be more imaginative about connecting road traffic injury prevention solutions to other health agendas.”

Published by the Fia Foundation in July 2015, this report investigates the role of financing, advocacy, and target setting for improved global road safety from 2015-2030. “Financing for Development: Catalytic Funding for Global Road Safety in the SDGs” includes sections on metrics, sustainable financing, and health targets in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) agenda.

As explained by the authors, global road safety relates to SDG goals in health, regarding the prevention of road traffic fatalities, injuries and disability, as well as SDG targets focused on urban development. 

In the report, authors outline three challenges for the global road safety sector:

  1. To secure sufficient international catalytic funding to assist governments to unlock domestic funding to delivery long-term road safety strategies
  2. To persuade finance ministers and private investors of the strong case for investment in safe and sustainable transport modes
  3. To integrate road safety and sustainable transport into the new financing mechanisms intended to support delivery of the SDGs

The Report is the 2nd paper of the Fia Foundation Research Paper series, which “seeks to provide interesting insights into current issues, using rigorous data analysis to generate conclusions which are highly relevant to current global and local policy debates.”