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Access to meds vs access to treatment | Bulletin of the WHO | Volume 86, Issue 8, pp. 648-649

“Instead of focusing solely on access to medicines, attention should be paid to access to treatment […] This process must take place in a health system with the appropriate infrastructure required to guarantee continued supply of medicines and continuing care for chronic conditions.”

This paper argues that “access to medicines is not simply a consequence of patents and that is only one part of the dilemma of care for noncommunicable diseases faced by patients in resource-poor settings.” In addition to patents, countries should consider that many other considerations are at play both in terms of pricing and supply chain, as well as with other aspects of the health system such as the diagnostics and the availability of trained health workers. The authors of this analysis illustrate these points using access to treatment for type 1 diabetes in sub-Saharan Africa as a case study.