AFEM hosts panel on acute care for NCDs and injuries

Author: Nancy Ferguson, NCD Synergies
December 4, 2014

In November 2014, NCD Synergies director Dr. Gene Bukhman moderated a panel on acute care and NCDs at the African Federation of Emergency Medicine (AFEM) conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Panelists included:

  • Dr. Mulinda Nyirenda, representing the Malawi Ministry of Health;
  • Dr. Mussie Gebremichael, of the NCD Case Team in the Ethiopia Ministry of Health;
  • Dr. William Kafura, Head of Physical NCDs for the Tanzania Ministry of Health;
  • Dr. Aklily Azaj, Head of Emergency Medicine at Black Lion Hospital in Ethiopia;
  • Dr. Teri Reynolds, affiliated with Muhimbili University and the University of California, San Francisco; and
  • Prof. Lee Wallis, President of AFEM and professor at the University of Cape Town.

The expert panelists discussed questions regarding the intersections of acute care and noncommunicable diseases and injuries. Topics covered ranged from how to measure access to acute care for NCDs and injuries, how to teach hospitals and ministries to plan acute care for both NCDs and injuries, and what the current state of acute care is in East African nations.

For more on AFEM’s work, browse the AFEM Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care or visit their website.